Hubby asked me why I am pushing so hard to get these vegetables grown and sold.

There isn’t a lot of money in it, and I’m sure considering the time, materials and effort it takes to grow these little darlings, is just not worth what I would make if I sold them all.

Because people matter, I said.

Our family has made a change in how we eat (blah blah, hasn’t every family?).  I now make my own bread with organic flour (huge change in my rashes), I try to limit processed food as much as possible, and we try to only cheat on Friday and Saturday nights with Cheezies (they should be their own food group).  We can’t really afford to buy organic, but I try to make the exception on lettuces. I’m not sure why. I’m sure apples are the worst culprit, but I do make some kind of effort in washing them hand soap.  I’ve even changed our ice cream treats to Haagen Daaz, simply because they have simple ingredients.  Triscuits are our cracker of choice because they have 4 ingredients.  I’m not psycho about it, because we can’t afford it. I’m not milking my own cow (lactose-intolerant here), I’m not growing my own wheat…yet. And we do love our bacon, although I’ve tried to cut it down to twice a week. Wow, I sound like a nutcase.  Regardless, my family has not been sick since March 2014.  Not one cold, not one flu.  I had spent all of March with pneumonia, and maybe that was the time I changed? I’m not sure. I know when we get a tickle in our throats, we rely on Jim Beam, sipped slowly (not the boy of course, I’m not a monster).  But we haven’t been sick in over a year! That says a lot to me. Especially considering the stress we’ve been under with moving to our dream home. And I know for a fact that God has something to do with this awesomeness.

Organic vegetables are expensive. Crazy expensive. And half the time, they look weird.  Buying organic vegetable plants are expensive too.  Which means that people who don’t have a pile of cash (me) can’t afford to feed their families in the best manner.  So why should these families have to suffer, just because they can’t afford organic?

So. I’m growing these heirloom, organic seeds in a organic manner (Myke’s fertilizer, Jobe’s Organic Fertilizer, Muskie Fish Emulsion organic) so that they will produce healthy plants, which I can sell, which in turn will produce organic fruit for ANYONE to eat, at the same price as regular produce.

Because that is fair.