I have two large rubbermaid containers to hold my bird seed. I leave one of them on my porch because I’m too lazy to walk it back to the barn and put it away.

Twice I have found the lid opened and chewed. Oh, I think to myself, I must have left it open. Huh.

Yesterday I found a chipmunk inside. Well, I had no idea how to get him out, and there was absolutely no way I would pick up the container and shake it (because what if he climbed out and attacked my face?) so I yelled a lot and tried to look menacing.  He inhaled 5 more sunflower seeds and then took his time leaving.  I shook the container to see how much he had eaten.

And there was something fuzzy inside.

Not moving.

So I calmly put it down on the ground, in the sun, walked back inside the house and waited for hubby to come home the next day and deal with it.