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Growing seedlings takes time. So much time. But here are some little rascals.

Transplanting while watching a Hallmark movie. Best way to do it.


This is where they live now. In my living room, with grow-lights.


Asparagus. Aren’t they adorable? Like little pine trees.


Excited about this variety. A Grappoli D’Iverno


Weird Stuff We Find on the Farm

We’ve only been here a few months, but we’ve found some very odd things. And some magical things.


IMG_3887Yes, that’s a turkey foot. ¬†All by itself. Just sitting on the ground. Two days ago we had turkeys. About 14 of them, just feeding off the ground. And then we went up on Zero Point Mom (a hill) and found this. No feathers, no guts.



And this is hubby’s hand to show you how gigantic it is. Gross, right?

Pemberley Farm

the barn and the river beyond
the barn and the river beyond


Magda, the burr oak. And me and the dog.


The fields in the late afternoon


Getting the Mail


One of the many creeks
One of the many creeks
The boys fighting in front of Gandalf the White (he’s a white pine)