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Vegetable Plants

So…I have counted up all of my seed packets to plant this year and I have 75 different varieties of vegetables/herbs/perennials/annuals.  I think I’m planting about half of those this weekend, as part of the “plant 6-8 weeks” before last frost, and I figure it’s ok if the plants are a bigger when I plant them outside.  I have made space in my pantry, right by the window, for a large-ish indoor greenhouse thingy, and then I have a large, metal shelf in the laundry room fitted with plant lights.  And when it gets warmer outside, I have a walk-in greenhouse that I can set up outside right up against my south-facing wall.
While hubby and I discuss our various dreams for Pemberley, we definitely want to eventually sell our produce/herbs at a Farmer’s Market, or set up a co-op.  And of course donate 10% of our harvest to worthwhile food banks/neighbours etc.  But I’m thinking that I can also sell vegetable plants as well.  Seeing as how I have 75 different varieties, and all of them are organic, heirloom seeds, which will be grown in an organic manner – with organic fertilizer and manure/compost tea.

Therefore, I am going to take orders for plants. I grow them, you buy them. If the crop fails me, you don’t owe me a dollar.  These plants should be available by planting time, mid-May.  There is a very good possibility that I can even drop them off to you!  Feel free to contact me and let me know what you’d be interested in.  And I shall do my best to provide the best that I can grow.

by the way, I feel very awkward trying to hawk my wares and I’d rather just give them all away, but then I can’t afford to buy more seeds and organic fertilizer soooo…

What I’m Cultivating to Sell as Plants:

-Craig’s Grande Jalapeno – big, fat jalapeno for making salsa. thick, flavourful, hot flesh
-Purple Jalapeno – large pepper that turns deep purple before maturing to red
Pasilla Bajio – mild-sweet-hot, fruit is dark green, turning brown as it ripens. Used in ‘mole’.
Sweet Chocolate – cola-red colour, sweet, medium-sized, ripens early


– Grande Rio Verde – yields apple-green fruit, medium-sized, no staking required
Purple – large purple/violet fruit, sweeter than green, very rare


-Black Cherry – look like large, dusky purple grapes, high yield
-Gypsy – purplest, maroon tomato, medium-sized globe fruit, from Russia
-Mortgage Lifter – large, smooth, 1 pound fruit, sweet, from Virginia 1940’s
-Bonny Best – famous canning tomato, medium-sized, meaty fruit
-Purple Bumblebee – little cherries with lime green and purple stripes, crack-resistant, sweet
-Brandywine – huge, globe-shaped fruit, beautiful
-Sweetie – sweet, cherry-type, high production
-Amish Paste – the ultimate paste, giant, blocky, Roma-type, perfect for canning and paste, Wisconsin
-Pink Ponderosa – huge-sized, some over 2lbs, meaty pink-red beefsteak, developed in 1891
-Yellow Pear – very sweet, pear-shaped fruit with mild flavour, excellent producer
Blue Beauty – blue-black shoulders, 8oz fruit, sunburn/crack-resistant
Chocolate Pear – light red with swirls of shades of green/brown, rich tomato flavour
A Grappoli D’Iverno – winter grape of Italy, little Roma, fresh or dried


-Rapini – Italian, non-heading, grown for asparagus-like shoots and leaves
Early Purple Sprouting – purple broccoli sprouts, frost hardy, bred for over-wintering


-Precoce D’Argenteuil – traditional heirloom, blanches white with rose-coloured buds


-Garden Berry Red Wonder – large, elongated, sweet and aromatic, good for containers
-Garden Berry White Soul – white/cream coloured, small, last over a long season


– Glory of Enkhuizen – medium/large hard round heads, keeps well, good producer, good for kraut, from Holland


-Precoce D’Argenteuil – gourmet variety highly esteemed in Europe for delicious stems that can be blanched white with rose-coloured buds. Italian.


-Sage Broad Leaf – 20″, gray-green leaves, fragrant
-Cinnamon Basil – spicy flavour, Mexican variety
-Thai Sweet Basil – sweet, spicy, essential in Thai cuisine, slight licorice taste
-Emily Basil – compact version of Genovese, longer-lasting when cut
-Blue Spice Basil – heavy fragrance with spicy vanilla overtones, good for salads

I am growing other things, but I think it’ll be sold as produce when the time comes.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these plants, please let me know! I can be reached at:


We also own a tree company. Did you know that?